Ido Fishman Delves into the Harms That Come with a Sedentary Lifestyle

Modern lives, as much convenience as they offer, are not the best ways to live for most people. The fact that we can manage just about anything from the comfort of our home today is causing a lot of health-related issues in people. With diabetes on the rise and obesity following in its footsteps, it has become inevitable for everyone to pay attention to their lifestyles and bring about healthy changes as soon as possible.

Ido Fishman, a world-class fitness expert, believes that the sedentary lifestyle is the biggest culprit that’s causing all sorts of problems. However, he also believes that people are trying to act as though it is not a problem. They don’t do anything about it until it’s too late to do anything about the harmful effects of such a lifestyle. Let’s take a look at his concerns about a sedentary lifestyle and his commentary on why he considers it to be the biggest threat to the modern humans and their health.

You Are Jamming Your Body

This is the first point Ido Fishman makes about the modern sedentary lifestyle. When you keep sitting in the same place, your body remains in the same position for a long time. Have you ever slept at a weird angle through the night and woken up with an aching arm, leg, or the side of your rib? That’s what happens when you keep your body in the same position for a long a time. Aren’t you doing the same thing when you are sitting in the office or home office for an entire day?

Ido Fishman says that sitting in the same posture for so long causes not only muscles to become stiff but also the joints to become jammed. When you keep sitting in the same position, you have a hard time standing up. You hear cracking and snapping sounds from your joints and your muscles feel stiff.

You Are Accumulating Calories

That’s like collecting toxins that will affect you in the worst manner in the days to come. When you don’t move and burn calories, they start accumulating in your body in the form of fat. That’s why you see people who keep sitting in the office having an underbelly. This is a result of sitting in the same position for hours. Another common evidence of the body changes due to long hours of sitting is the formation of love handles. Do you notice those big slabs of fat on the side of your lower body? Yes, they are nothing but fat.

When you eat, your body burns the food to get calories from it. These calories are stored in your body to give you the energy to perform all the bodily functions. However, when you don’t move your body enough, the excess calories start gathering as fat in your body.

You Are Becoming Tired

When you sit in the office for several hours, you are not just staring at the wall. You are actually looking at a computer screen. The rays from the computer screen are constantly hitting your eyes and causing stain. At the same time, the radioactive rays from the screens also make you feel tired after a certain time. When you become tired, you don’t feel like working out. Even if you have time after the office to go to a gym, you can’t. You can’t because your body feels drained of any energy that could take you to the gym.

If you find yourself complaining about not having enough time for gym, just take a look at your schedule again. You might have time but not the energy to go to the gym.

Final Thoughts

Ido Fishman believes that people are pointing in the wrong directions when they discuss the biggest illnesses of modern times. Yes, diabetes is a huge issue and so is obesity. However, they are not the roots. They are only the result of something more serious and harmful. That something is the modern sedentary lifestyle.