4 Exotic Strains To Try This Summer

With many people still stuck at home, a large number of people are now looking towards new recreational activities that they can try in comfort at home. If you are a cannabis enthusiast, here are some of the top exotic strains that you can give a try this summer to help you enjoy the latest offerings from your dispensaries:

Frosty Gelato

Frosty Gelato is a strain that is highly dominated in Sativa. It contains a tween 25 to 30% THC and the case is extremely refreshing. With a bright and fruity zest, this is a strain that is sure to be a summer favorite because it’s extremely refreshing.

London pound cake:

This indicator dominant strain is a cross between a sunset sherbet as well as a second strain that the creator has left unknown. It has a very citrusy and rich flavor that is somewhat similar to sampling a good …

Israel Figa: Saving Lives and Livelihoods as the World Fights Back Covid-19

As the countries around the globe are either in the middle of the second wave or beginning of the third wave of Covi-19 pandemic there are rising concerns with respect to lives and livelihoods.  There are huge numbers that the countries are battling with in terms of patients who are turning out covid-19 positive. Countries are facing challengesfrom managing hospital facilities and to bigger challenge that include ensuring that the economic activity, the livelihood of the people does not take a hit again. Israel Figa identifies how countries are moving ahead in ensuring saving lives and livelihood.

Speed and Sensitivity

Governments around the world are acting with both speed and sensitivity and trying to manage in whatever way possible this very difficult situation that the world has been faced with. As far as the health side is concerned Israel Figa observes that it is very clear that the countries are …