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Nowadays, we see celebrities advertising tools to beautify their teeth instantly, such as Whitelight (teeth whitener) or retainer (gear). These tools are claimed to be able to make white and neat teeth quickly, cheaply, and easily, just by sticking to the teeth. Advertisements for tools to beautify teeth are widely spread on social media such as Instagram and Facebook and are also sold on online shopping platforms. In most of statements of the ads, the seller always claims that the tool can fix all dental problems such as messy teeth and it can whiten without having to bother visiting the dentist. Inaccurate use of the device as in the gear might have dangers to the teeth health. Typically, dentists refer to the device as a retainer, but such objects are then sold as “magic gear”.

The retainer is actually used when dental care with stirrup has been completed. The goal …

Does Cough Syrup Cause Cavities?

Most of the time, you reach for those over-the-counter meds when you get sick. And these meds, particularly for a cough are in liquid form due to their ability to cover the throat and to lessen the rate of coughing.

But have you ever wondered if these liquid cough meds may cause cavities? Below are a few helpful points for from our dentists in Surrey you to ponder.

It’s a known fact that excess sugar intake and poor oral hygiene can result in tooth decay.

But, since most of the cough syrups available in the market have added sugar for flavour and also have high acid content, consumers sometimes think if these medicines may cause cavities and other oral health problems.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Over-the-counter anti-allergy medications intended for flu and allergies, even those that kids take, have been reported to cause tooth decay if it’s used consistently.…

Why Using the Invisalign Braces Is Essential
Misaligned teeth have a effect that is negative your smile. Misaligned teeth are noticeable and so they detract from that perfect laugh. Unless tooth are precisely aligned, your beauty might be totally diminished and also this will reduce your confidence in smiling or chatting boldly with other individuals. Consequently, it’s imperative for you to realize why you need to use Invisalign braces.


You can’t split up beauty and look. Smiling makes individuals look beautiful because it improves beauty. A great look depends in the dental formula of each and every person. Individuals with misaligned teeth are disadvantaged with regards to smiling precisely. Making use of the clear braces has a major affect the users. It restructures the teeth that are misaligned restores your beauty.


A lot of the people with misaligned teeth have very insecurity. This is a whole lot worse once the situation is extremely serious. Due …

Many Restorative Dental that is common Procedures
Odds are, there isn’t perfect, decay and disease-free teeth and gums. Many patients have actually a minumum of one cavity and have had a bout or two with minor, reversible gum illness.

Perhaps you’ve experienced gums that are bleeding enamel sensitivity or lost teeth. The dentist likely treated the condition to halt its progression or to eliminate the condition all together if you went to the dentist.

This remedy for a condition that is dental it’s already started is known as restorative dentistry, which is often partially covered by dental insurance.

While preventative treatments are used in order to avoid plenty of discomfort, disquiet, embarrassment, exorbitant office trips, and handing over funds, sometimes things happen being from your control. Often that you do not have the pain and discomfort of a problem that is dental it’s too late. Accidents along with other things might also happen and necessitate some of …

Dietary Supplementation and CAM With Caution

The state of diet in relation to health and medical care in the United States has long been a concern of many. However, the public often finds little response to their concerns other than usual and customary general data, responses by inadequately trained primary care clinicians, as well as internet and national news informing them about their responsibilities. What should the public do when they believe or have evidence of the following?

Dietary supplementation is practically a necessity nowadays. GMO products, as well as professionally managed, mega-farm soils yield produce with a very different biological content and activity compared to those of the same names harvested a hundred or more years ago. The wiser choice when available and affordable is the selection of locally grown, organic products the varieties and care regimens of which you are familiar. That aside, soil content is not nearly as rich as in the past, …