Does Cough Syrup Cause Cavities?

Most of the time, you reach for those over-the-counter meds when you get sick. And these meds, particularly for a cough are in liquid form due to their ability to cover the throat and to lessen the rate of coughing.

But have you ever wondered if these liquid cough meds may cause cavities? Below are a few helpful points for from our dentists in Surrey you to ponder.

It’s a known fact that excess sugar intake and poor oral hygiene can result in tooth decay.

But, since most of the cough syrups available in the market have added sugar for flavour and also have high acid content, consumers sometimes think if these medicines may cause cavities and other oral health problems.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Over-the-counter anti-allergy medications intended for flu and allergies, even those that kids take, have been reported to cause tooth decay if it’s used consistently.

The sugar content in these cough syrups, aside from enhancing the flavour, also aids in feeding the bad bacteria, thus increasing the risk of developing cavities.

Cough syrups also have acidic pH that will likely wear down the enamel of the teeth (protective layer), resulting in increased tooth sensitivity as well as possible cavity formation as the protection of the teeth is reduced. It’s vital to know that once the enamel in the teeth is gone, it will be gone permanently. But, if the enamel layer is only slightly eroded, it can be possible to build back up.

How to fight your flu, cough and fight cavities at the same time?

If you need to take medication for your flu and cough, it would be best to take the pill-form, although it’s not a great option, especially for small kids. So here are tips that can help minimize the bad effects of cough syrup on your pearly whites.

Don’t take it before bed as you won’t produce enough saliva during this time. Instead, take cough medication after you eat because your mouth produces enough saliva this time. This will also help reduce the chances of a stomach ache.

Brush your teeth after intake. It is advisable to brush your teeth to remove the sugar and acids in your teeth.

Wash it down with water. Aside from drinking plenty of water while your ill, it’s also advisable to drink water after taking cough syrup to rinse it off your mouth.

Thanks to the dentists at Scott 72 Dental Centre for their advice.