Information on the Amerisleep Foam Mattress

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All the average person wants to do when he or she is tired and wants to rest is to be able to lie down and get a comfortable period of sleep. This cannot be done by lying on any mattress because all of them are not the same. In fact, a customer may want to shop around for a good brand mattress that will give him or her all the comfort needed. Such is the case with the Amerisleep AS3 Memory Foam mattress, and here is information about the mattress.

A Review of the Mattress

The Amerisleep mattress comes in five levels of comfort, which are designed to provide the necessary fit for the customer, according to the needs of the particular customer. The mattresses are designed to fit the contour of the person no matter what sleep position he or she is in, and no matter how many times the person moves throughout the night. The mattress is fitted with three layers that are beneath its cover, essentially providing maximum comfort for the person who sleeps on it. This makes the mattress extra thick when compared to other mattresses on the market.

More about the Amerisleep Mattress

The life expectancy of the mattress is about 12 years for the average consumer and this causes the mattress to last about 5 years longer than other mattresses that try to compete. This makes it an easy sale for the customer who wants to save money on purchasing mattresses every 5 years or so. There have been a few complaints about the mattress, but the rave reviews far outweigh any complaints that people have. The mattresses come in all sizes to fit standard beds.

Purchasing the Mattress

Unlike other mattresses, the Amerisleep AS3 does not have that odor that new mattresses tend to have. For the customer who is ready to try the mattress, there is a website where the customer can read about the mattress and all that it offers. The information on the website will tell the customer everything he or she needs to know about the mattress. To get to this blog comment on the mattress, visit the website at